Howdy from the Gulf Coast region of Texas! My name is Darla. I am a very petite, active, politically-opinionated redhead who often exhibits a silly, twisted sense of humor. I live with two teen-aged girl childs, a hard working, butt-kicking hubby, two neurotic cats, a long suffering gerbil. In my years on this planet I have rock-climbed, kayaked, hiked along the Continental Divide, and taught aerobics, yoga, strength training and art. I have also been an adjunct professor in the Kinesiology departments at a few universities in north Texas. Oh, and I painted murals for a time, too!

My college career started out at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but ended at the University of Texas at Arlington with the receipt of my B.A. in Exercise Science and Sports Studies back in the 90s. I strongly believe in the importance of health and fitness to maintaining quality of life. Being active is one of the joys of my life, but my 40s have seen me on the “injured reserve” far too often. It’s been very, very frustrating, but I carry on with gusto when I can. In February 2015, I completed my first half-marathon. A week and a half later, I re-tore my proximal hamstring tendon; a week after that I was in a car accident, taking a direct blow to my knees with an airbag (keep your feet off the dash!). Two weeks later: knee surgery…again. See, I just keep plugging on!  tortoiseandhare

I am also a homeschooling mama. I brought my youngest home after 1st grade, but my oldest didn’t decide to come “home” for three more years. She’s home for high school now. However, she’s essentially skipping much of high school and going forward with her Associates of Arts degree, earning credit through the Academy at Houston Baptist University, Lone Star College, and BYU On-Line. For her, I only facilitate schedules and chauffeur. For my youngest, I have also become more of a facilitator. It is just too hard to homeschool in the car and on the run as much as we are. She takes classes on line with Freedom Project Education, among others.

I’m blogging now because Facebook is just too blasted stressful, and easy to get wrapped up in (and waste oodles of time doing nothing of any value). I need a break, a space to journal where I can invite friends in but keep the general world at bay, a space to emote and post my opinions (or post articles that are indicative of my opinions), but without all the ugly banter, visual clutter, and drama that social media can bring. I don’t need an echo chamber. I’m happy to have friends with differing ideals and world views, but what I do not need are jerks in my personal space.

Last but not least, I have to give a big nod to my faith. I was raised in north Texas in a marginally Latter-day Saint home with some good pioneer roots. After some tumult in my late teens and college years, I stepped out of the church for a time, but came back in my mid 20s. It was a good thing, both the time out and the return. A very good thing. When I came back, I  knew more about my self and my faith and was better prepared to be an adult in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I haven’t wavered since.  My heart, my soul, and my understanding of  God’s love and Christ’s eternal salvation are here.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts! Thanks for visiting!

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