Finally! A low-carb pancake I can love


One of the “eating styles” that I subscribe to is put forth by the Trim Healthy Mamas, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. This super duo of Australian sisters has meal types designated by “S” for satisfying (higher in fat, very low carb); “E” for energizing (very low fat, higher in carbs), and several points in between. Protein of some form is the backbone of every meal. Yeah! for protein!

Because it is so flexible, THM eating truly is whatever the individual needs it to be (weight loss, weight gain, maintain), I like their approach to foods. Nothing much is particularly “off plan,” unless the carb content is too high to fit within their guidelines. It really is a plan for all. And while some THMs do get very obsessive about what “type” of meal they are eating, or what is allowed or not, I don’t (I only had 10 pounds to lose in 2013-2014, and I lost most all of it before I ever found THM).  I just try to keep things low-carb and leave it at that. [For a more thorough explanation of what THM is all about, check out their website.]

So, what does THM have to do with pancakes? Well, I love pancakes. I LOVE french toast, too! But since shifting to a diet of significantly reduced wheat/ bread/ grains in December of 2013, I’ve not found a recipe for the former that really works for me…until now.

This gem of a recipe showed up on my Facebook THM group the other day, and I finally tried it tonight. Good stuff! Very fluffy, great flavor, no coconut flour taste over-kill, AND easy to whip up. I will say that I eventually added the full quarter cup of almond milk noted in the recipe, and still added a little more water to get to the right consistency.  The yield on this batch was 6 nice sized pancakes.

An excellent “faux” recipe that does a fantastic job of satisfying my deep and abiding need for French Toast on occasion is this one, which I found years ago on Three Fat Chicks on a Diet:

Mock French Toastfrenchtoast

4 egg whites
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 cup riccotta cheese
dash cinnamon
1 packet of splenda
sugar free maple syrup

Mix all together in a bowl and beat with a fork
pour into pan like you would as if you were making pancakes
top with butter spray and syrup and ENJOY!!!

With my low(er)-carb life style (most days), I’ve increased the amount of fat I willingly and happily take in each day. So, in making this recipe today, versus when I found it seven or eight years ago, I might follow the original, or I might just use 3 whole eggs; I’m also using Stevia or erythtitol or Swerve for my sweetener, not Splenda. Additionally, I’ve found that if I don’t have ricotta on hand, cottage cheese will work okay. Coconut oil is probably what’s in my frying pan, to, not “butter spray” or any other cooking spray. Like I said, I don’t much worry about fats these days. I am still using my sugar-free syrups though!

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